So you want to win the car show?

Judging begins shortly after 11:00 am, please have everything open and ready.

Check out the full event schedule here

You don’t have to stay by your car all day. If we need more details from the owners, we will make an announcement with your car number.


This is not all of the judging criteria, but are some of the final touches that are often missed which can push you ahead of the rest…

Simply- It's all about cleanliness


How well was the car polished? Does it have scratches, dents, swirls, etc… The newer the car the harder we judge it. For older cars we like to know if it’s all original or if it’s been restored. 

Is it wrapped, how are the edges? We also check for glue lines and bubbles. Is the car wrapped with colour shift wrap, is the shift all in the same direction? The same applies for carbon wrap.

We will check body panel gaps. As well as noting aftermarket components, like splitters and wings.

Judged Car Show

Engine Bay

VW VR5 Kelowna
Judged Kelowna Car Show

Are all of your hose clamps orientated the same way? Re-organizing, cleaning up or tucking cables can make a huge difference. Fully removing deleted components can help clean up that engine bay.

We check the cleanliness of everything. It doesn’t matter how expensive the part is, it’s the quality of the install


VW aircooled show judging
VW Mk2 Interior Judging

Are all of the items in your car related to your theme? Did you clean under your seats, even your door jambs? We don’t move anything, but look at everything

Fit and Finish

This is a big one and missed a lot of the time, it doesn’t matter how much money or how little you spent on your car. This is where all of the judging criteria comes into one place. We judge the car as a whole for this one.

Something as simple as body gaps, bumper fitments, installation of aftermarket parts. Are all your hose clamps lined up, same style? It comes down to the small picky stuff that will set you apart from the rest.

Take your time to get everything clocked and sitting perfectly, go full OCD for this one

Porsche Centre Kelowna
Porsche Kelowna


Sponsor Trophies

Children’s Choice: (Sponsored by Real Property Management) – Let the next generation of car enthusiasts pick a car. Visit the Real Property Tent for a voting card! (All kids under the age of 12 are eligible)

DAS Weekend Prizes

Peoples Choice Winners


People’s Choice: Make sure your voice is heard, pick your favourite car from the show. Winner goes on the next years shirt!