Explore our favourite cruises throughout the Okanagan Valley

While in Kelowna for DAS Weekend, explore our selection of driving routes designed for enthusiasts eager to discover the beauty of the Okanagan. Crafted over years of taking the road less-traveled, these scenic cruises showcase the best backroads and panoramic views the Okanagan region has to offer.

Please note that all routes are paved unless otherwise indicated.  Caution should be taken on older routes as some sections of the roads may be a bit uneven

Okanagan Cruise Routes

Current Routes

Explore the diverse landscapes of the Okanagan. From the sun-drenched South Okanagan deserts to the serene shores of Kalamalka  and Okanagan Lakes. Enjoy these scenic drives in the Kelowna area. Discover car lookouts in Kelowna, allowing you to soak in breathtaking views right from the comfort of your vehicle, tailoring the experience to any travel itinerary.

Kelowna Cruises

Spring Cruise

Touring through the backroads of the southern Okanagan. Experience windy forested backroads and rolling hills with lake views. This route is our longest running cruises at close to 10 years!

Summer Cruise

Navigate your way through east kelowna, once you make it out its smooth sailing to to the top of Big white. It’s the making it out thats the tricky part, don’t be surprised if you pass other attendees going the opposite way.

Fall Cruise

A canyon carver’s dream. Taking the Scenic route into Vernon this cruise jumps right into the twistys. Check your fuel! Your last chance to fill up is in Vernon, as the next 260 km’s you’ll be carving hwy 6 to Needles ferry and back. We recommend a bag for the queasy passengers

Previous and all other Routes​

The Okanagan Valley, a captivating destination boasting stunning mountain views, pristine freshwater lakes, lush pine forests, and a wealth of wildlife. Discover the beauty of this picturesque region and plan your perfect road trip

While these cruises aren’t currently used in our seasonal routes, they still are worthy of a Sunday drive…

Salmon River Rd

Best suited for smaller groups. Start off with westside road, once out enjoy the backroads and country side as you take the long way into armstrong